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Nightly Interview Atlanta, GA

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

I got to sit down with Alt-Indie group Nightly and talk with them about their history with music, current favorites, and more!

How did each of you get into music?

Jonathan: “Well we're cousins so we grew up together and I’m not really sure how we got into it but one day we went to a music store called Sam Ash and we bought matching guitars his was blue and mine was black and uh-“

Joey: “which in retrospect I thought was black as well.”

Jonathan: “yeah he’s color blind so he probably thought it was black but yeah we were like 11 and started playing for fun and have just been playing off and on for fun since then.”

How did you guys com up with the name Nightly?

Joey: “The first song we made as a band was called The Night and so we wanted to do something with that and then we thought of Night Love you like a message you would send someone in a text so then we kind of shortened it to nightly.”

What are your favorite parts about performing?

Jonathan: “Honestly its just the most fun when people know your songs and we love making new fans but it’s the most fun when people are singing back to you.”

Joey: “I just love performing its what makes everything else worth it to me but yeah. The best is when we have a really great show no one messes up and it feels good afterwards.”

If you weren’t pursuing music what would you be doing?

Jonathan: “I really want to -when I retire- just start a Christmas tree farm... yeah I just think that’d be sick.”

Joey: “Yeah I got no fallback plan just win the lottery I guess.”

Jonathan: “I could see myself with like 8 kids just running around in the trees you know.”

Joey: “8 kids oh my gosh.”

What do you guys want people to take away from your music?

Jonathan: “I guess just for people to feel something because feeling nothing is a bad thing you know but if someone can feel something whether its heartbreak in the sad songs or happiness from upbeat songs then at least they are connecting to it.”

Joey: “I agree with that.”

How has music changed you?

Jonathan: “I think its impacted us a lot growing up you know and its kind of a cathartic experience when you don’t exactly know how to say something in a sentence but it comes out in a song, but yeah id say how its changed us- I think on the flip side when your going through something even if it’s a good thing just having that album that’s like a soundtrack for that, even now I can turn on a song and remember like the summer of 2009 or something so yeah that’s just something I’ve always loved about music it can just capture a time period and all the emotions going on in it.”

Joey: “I think like I said earlier were just not good at anything else you know so its just very fulfilling to create something we're proud of.”

What’s something you would tell young people today if you could tell them anything about life and experiences?

Joey: “My advice, well when someone asks me for my advice which is very rare, id say just find something you are passionate about and do whatever you can to make money doing that thing so like growing up I had a lot more talented friends then me but they all gave up on the dream which is fine but I think for me at least it was more beneficial to make short term sacrifices for the long term dream.”

Jonathan: “There’s some corny saying like find something you love to do and you never have to work a day in your life, super corny but true you know... and also just like go outside spend time with friends and family and all that good stuff.”


Favorite Netflix show?

Jonathan: “Frasier”

Joey: “Broad Church”

Favorite song at the moment?

Jonathan: “Probably the whole Bazzi album its so good”

Joey: “Just old Coldplay

Favorite city to perform in?

Jonathan: “Probably New York or Nashville”

Joey: “I’ll say Nashville”

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