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Jamie N. Commons Interview Atlanta, GA

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

I got to catch up with Jamie N. Commons at his show in Atlanta opening for Jacob Banks! Check out the interview below!

(Q for Question A for Answer)

Q: Tour is almost over! Tell me what’s been special about this tour specifically?

A: This tour has been pretty special actually. You know, for the first time, even though I’ve toured with a few other people, me and Jacob have a very similar vocal sound. So, it just makes a lot of sense and were both UK guys. So, yeah.

Q: You just released the video for your single “Won’t let go”! Describe the process of creating the video and the ideas behind all the visuals!

A: Well, to be honest, the director came up with the idea. We had this idea of these statues that we convey as our outside selves and then its kind of an explodey song into the chorus. Then we used those powder festival thingies ya know and yeah that’s kind of it.

Q: You moved to and from England at very influential times in your life, describe some of the differences in making and listening to music in both the U.S. and the UK and how those differences helped shape your music.

A: I suppose they are very different. I think here there is definitely more of a tradition with the bar band scene. aMore bands in general here, where in the UK there are more singer songwriters. I think your just left to do what you please more there.

Q: How were you introduced to playing/ writing music? Has music always been what you wanted to pursue?

A: Well, I began with classical music when I was quite young. I played the French Horn then I joined the choir and started singing. Then, I picked up guitar and gained confidence and yeah, I guess I just started a band and lived out the tradition ya know. I’ve definitely always wanted to pursue music, but I also had a lot of interest in media and art and videos and all of that. So, I’d probably be doing that if not this.

Q: Who are your music inspirations? How do you carry that inspiration into your music?

A: Everything really, I mean my main love is blues but mostly just anything. Old yeah, the older the better, the scratchier the record you know basically the more something wasn’t meant to be properly recorded I think the better you know. Those weird old records are the best. They’re almost like artifacts but I’m really interested in everything. It always starts out with blues though. You know some old man sitting on a porch moaning about something. haha all music has that really.

Q: How do you feel your music has changed since you first started putting out music? In terms of both sound and content?

A: You know since I do so much in different genres or formats, I am very open now in my writing where I didn’t start out that way. Being in constraint kind of helps because you have to get creative so yeah. I’m not trying to do anything too profound, like I’m no Bob Dylan, but I have stuff to say it’s a sweet spot you have to find in writing.

Q: What do you want your fans and listeners to feel from your music? Do you try to evoke a specific emotion, or do you want everyone to feel something different and unique to them?

A: I just really want people to feel something and be entertained. You know, like that song “I’m trying to break your heart” by Wilco that basically sums up how I want my music to reach peopleYou know, not necessarily to break your heart but I want people to get some sort of emotion to come up from my songs.

Q: Describe your future plans with music! Are you putting out some new music soon?

A: Yes! An album is on the way and a few more singles for sure and then you know -will keep touring and more touring and some features and all that yeah lots of exposure and some new experiences!

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