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morgxn Interview Atlanta, GA

I got to catch up with Alt-Indie artist morgxn and ask him a few questions about his history with music, his biggest inspirations, and more!

Q- How did you get into music?

A- “Growing up in Nashville Tennessee music was around me all the time, whether it was in my house or in my community, I found music pretty early on and that was how id express myself, through music whether it was on records my parents had or music I heard, and my grandpa was a singer and seeing how happy it made him when I sang made me want to keep doing it.”

Q- What are some of your biggest inspirations music wise?

A- “Definitely the classics like… Stevie wonder Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin, Band, Tortoise Head, Massive Attack, Phantogram, Joy Division, Dave Mathews band.”

Q-What has been your favorite part of touring with Dreamers so far?

A- “The audiences have been incredible, we also get along really well, Dreamers and Weathers and I, and its just been great energy and the fans are really fun.”

Q- How would you describe your sense of style?

A- “Collage Chic.”

Q- If you weren’t pursuing music what would you be doing?

A- “I’d be a teacher! But one that connects youth with expression and creativity – I did not like the school system. Traditional systems of schooling can be so stifling especially for creativity.”

Q-What do you want people to take from your music?

A- “A sense of belonging to something greater than the sum of our parts and the sense that they are not alone in felling whatever they are feeling as a human being.”

Q-How has music changed you?

A- “I was a pretty shy awkward middle school kid who like couldn’t even speak up in front of people but the stage gave me a place to sink into that and I still am as an adult it helps me evolve into myself deeper.”

Q-what one thing would you tell young people struggling with the issues in society today?

A- “I think we need more of people looking outside of themselves for connection because I don’t think the phone is going to be the way we ultimately connect with each other. I think if you identify something that your passionate about try to think about how you can give that to the world because the more you give the more you get back. Also reach out because we are not as alone as the world wants us to feel and you can use the internet to find those connections and if you can be joyful in todays world despite all that’s going on I think that’s the ultimate revolution.”

Speed round:

Favorite Netflix show?

Orange is the new black.

Country side or city?


Current favorite song?

Mine. Home.

Facebook or myspace?

Myspace… duh.

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