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Joan Interview Atlanta, GA

We sat down with Indie-Pop duo Joan and asked them a few questions about pursuing music, tour life, and more!

How did you guys come up with the name Joan?

Steven: “Its extremely boring it was literally an option for a name I had for a past band and when we were coming up with names I brought it up and we both liked it, haha how boring is that?”

Alan: “It fit the vibe we were going for though, we were going for a late 80s early 90s aesthetic in everything down to the font that we used, and going for like a seventeen magazine like when we were growing up kind of vibe.”

How did both of you get into music?

Alan: “My dad was a great musician he can shred like every instrument and my mom has a great voice so id always sing with her and with my dad I grew up going to all his shows and concerts and I’m pretty sure I went to a rush concert in my mom’s belly or something, like that so from the outset I was into music so first I picked up drums and went to school for that then started writing somewhere in there too so yeah!”

Steven: “My family was not musical at all and I didn’t listen to any good music at all until like high school but I learned piano in like third grade then was in band and learned drums and started being in like metal bands in high school and then, yeah, I got into it from being forced into learning piano.”

What’s your favorite part about touring?

Alan: “Its really neat to see the country and we’ve been to Europe too and getting to see the world is my favorite part but we don’t get to see it as much as you’d think we do but the drives are always beautiful.”

Steven: “yeah for me too also like its just three dudes us and our sound guy who just get to hang out all the time so yeah, it’s pretty cool.”

What do you want people to take away from your music?

Alan: “we try to write songs that are pretty easy to grab onto and relatable so wither they are about someone who got away or a long lost love or something able to be interpreted for that necessary sadness almost like we wrote a song that was loosely based on a girl that broke my heart in like 7th grade so its not recent like it doesn’t hurt me but someone can hear that and relate to it and use it when they need it.”

Steven: “we also definitely write our music to be played live ya know so that when people walk away from a show they have a different sort of connection to the music.”

How has pursuing music changed you?

Alan: “well since college its kind of tough coming from Arkansas which has no commercial music ya kniw but were kind of like entrepreneurs we have to build ourselves from the ground up but its very different from just being in school then getting a job we have to build a team.”

Steven: “It has made me realize I have really loved music and that it’s the only option for me and both of us.”

Alan: “Yeah so for anyone wanting to pursue music you have to make it your only option ya know make whatever you love your only option because then you have to put everything into it and make it happen.”

Who are some of your biggest music inspirations?

Alan: “Frank Ocean, SureSure and Kasey Musgraves, and always Coldplay”

Steven: “Same also like hardcore rap you know the super hard stuff like so heinous you cant even say it or understand it hahaha.”

How would you define your style?

Steven: “I mean totally hardcore rap haha”

Alan: “I think we are more pop at the moment but still kind of rock in a way I guess indie pop mostly so yeah indie pop.”

Steven: “yes indie pop whatever that means.”


Favorite Netflix show?

Steven: “making a murderer.”

Alan: “I do love American vandal hmm maybe Maniac well Breaking Bad… no maybe… I don’t know man hmm, probably Stranger Things. No wait, Mind Hunter, yes Mind Hunter.”

Current favorite song?

Alan: “BOY by Charlie Puth”

Steven: “Slow burn by Kasey Musgraves”

Favorite city?

Alan: “San Diego California”

Steven: “yes me too.”

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