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Catching up with Nightly!

I got to catch up with the Nightly boys before they head out on their first headlining tour! Check out the quick mini-interview about new music, exciting, plans and more.

(Q for question A for Answer)

Q: After opening for NF on the Perception Tour, playing in big venues and making new fans, what are you both most excited about for playing more intimate shows?

A: Just headlining in general! It’s gonna be so fun to be in rooms full of our fans and get to play a bunch of songs and hear everyone singing along.

Q: How has preparation for a headlining tour been different from opening on a tour so far? Do you feel more pressure or is it more excitement/energy?

A: They’re pretty different. When you’re opening you have a short set to win people over, so we try to pack a big punch in 25 or so min. With the headline run we get to really take people on a journey and show a bunch of different sides to who we are.

Q: Just after i met up with you guys in Atlanta in November, you released ‘the sound of your voice’ how has the response been to that EP from your perspective?

A: In a lot of ways it’s been even better than we expected. We’re so lucky to have such great fans that care about our music.

Q: We’ve seen on Instagram you’ve been in the studio while getting ready for tour! What has been the biggest inspiration for new music & what can we expect from the new nightly sound?

A:The new songs are so “us” for lack of a better term. I think we’re just getting more and more comfortable/confident as writers. I’m really excited for people to hear what we’ve been working on.

Q: Nightly is known for an “indie-pop” sound, will your new music cater to that sound and the audience it attracts,

or are you guys striving to attract a new audience with a new/different sound? Or both!

A: We’ve definitely just doubled down on making music that we love and that our fans will love. we def want to grow

our audience, but our primary concern is serving the fans we do have. So if you dig the stuff we’ve put out so far

you will love the new songs we’re putting out. it’s just a more distilled version of who we are.

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