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Mathew Murphy of the Wombats Releases New Live EP "Live From SIR, Hollywood"

Mathew Murphy, lead singer of iconic Alt-Rock band The Wombats, has just released the next Live EP of his solo project Love Fame Tragedy titled, "Live From SIR, Hollywood". This release comes not far after second EP titled, "Five Songs To Briefly Fill The Void" featuring additional track, Hardcore. This EP however, features 6 live tracks including, Multiply, Body Parts, Pills, My Cheating Heart, Please Don't Murder Me, and Riding a Wave. These deep yet upbeat tracks take you on a whirlwind of emotions and leave you wanting more of those epic raw vocals. The music video for Multiply is out now as well, and hosts the neon light filled live band set up you didn't now you needed. Check out "Live From SIR, Hollywood" on all streaming platforms and the video for "Multiply" below!

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